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ip tuntap #003
Posted by Anonymous on Wed 30th Mar 2022 14:31
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  1. #!/usr/bin/ksh93
  3. #
  4. # Misc:
  5. # network-manager info: $ nmcli -o d #
  6. #
  8. set -o errexit
  9. set -o xtrace
  11. # prevent network-manager from interfering
  12. nmcli dev set eno1 managed no
  14. # set up bridge and tap device
  15. ip link add myevilbridge1 type bridge
  16. nmcli dev set myevilbridge1 managed no
  17. ip link set myevilbridge1 up
  19. ip link set eno1 master myevilbridge1
  21. ip tuntap add mytest5 mode tap
  22. nmcli dev set mytest5 managed no
  23. ip link set mytest5 master myevilbridge1
  24. ip link set mytest5 up
  27. # EOF.

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